Australian singer/songwriter and composer

“.....a stunning gift for creating evocative and unforgettable
Rock Author/Journalist

Ross La Vel was born in North-West Tasmania, spending his
early childhood years in idyllic rural surroundings before his
family moved to subtropical Brisbane, the capital city of
Queensland. Although his parents were both musical Ross’s
interest in music came late, only undertaking guitar studies at
twenty when unable to find a suitable musical collaborator for
lyrics he had begun writing in his late teens.
Ross’s debut release in 1981 was the offbeat, independent single
‘Trains’, recalling his schoolboy fascination with the steam trains
then still running on suburban lines. He loved standing on a
railway bridge in the blasting soot and steam as they passed
under him.

In 1986 Ross achieved national airplay in Australia with his
second single, the haunting ‘Veronique’, an instrumental written
and first performed in the South of France. The enthusiastic
reactions to this track encouraged him to write more
instrumentals. The eventual result was the album ‘Moment to
Moment’ which as another independent release won an Album of
the Year Award in Queensland as well as a number of other
significant awards.

Ross’s music career later had to be put on hold when he was
paralysed by guillain-barré syndrome, a devastating auto-
immune disease considered a ‘cousin’ of polio. This experience
and his gratitude to all who so strongly supported him through
his 10 year, though incomplete, journey of recovery only
increased his desire to give something positive to life through his

Of the three tracks now being promoted “Fly Away With Me” is
the most recent, originally being recorded as an instrumental but
remixed with vocals specifically for its inclusion on the ‘For the
Lady’ album.  ‘Speaking Again’ is an early fun song featuring sax
and synth while, ironically, the long-forgotten single, “Trains”, is
set for a custom vinyl release by a retro label in Brisbane that
discovered it through an obscure review on the internet. It was
their enthusiasm for Ross’s songs that sparked his return to